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Louie Giglio – The Anchor of Hope – When Life Hurts the Most – Part 1

Posted by BrentD on September 20, 2007

Wow – this message is extremely powerful and is a must listen to message!!!

Louie Giglio – speaks at North Point on the The anchor of Hope.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THIS MESSAGE>The Anchor of Hope – Part 1 – When Life hurts the Most


6 Responses to “Louie Giglio – The Anchor of Hope – When Life Hurts the Most – Part 1”

  1. BrentD said

    This is an awesome message, it really makes you think about how we live our lives

  2. Paul Pfeiffer said

    hello my name is Paul Pfeiffer i dont know if you will get this louie but i still know this may change some ones life, i live in a small city in Australia called Albury, ive been a christian for about to years but for only the past 4 months have i been devothed to christ. i saw your dvds with friends from the church i attend and u made it so easy to understand and get to know god as u made it fun and interesting. your dvd HOPE is one of the most amazing things in my life its changed my point of view and how i should live for christ.if we continue to know god but not to love godnothing will get done and you wont have eternal life because of it, its you Louie i have to thank for if you wernt the person you are alot of teenagers and young adults would not be saved, as it says in proverbs 16:9 a man chooses his path but the lord determins the steps he takes. once again thank you Louie for all the comitment you have put into christ and into teh youth of the world. thanks

  3. Tracy NSW Australia said

    this is a great message it shows just how short our lives can really be and makes you look at the we are living our life. hope this has made people change to live a life for God, it made me cry ad my daughter who also saw it said it was awesome which is strange for her to comment on any testimony let alone a Christian based on thank you for publishing it.

  4. Pat said

    howdy, i like you, im not christian, im not islamic, not hindu, not buddhist, but i am spiritual and i like you, you make sense dude, i used te not like oranised religion but now i do, now i respect it and now i see its worth, its roll. your a good guy, i dont know why, but i think it would be nice te hear from you sometime. hit me back just a chat, this has been pat 😛

  5. Anton Richter said

    Although I enjoyed Louie Giglio’s presentations from the first time I was introduced to it, I am extremely disappointed in Part 2 of “Hope – When life hurts most”. After about 9 minutes into the sermon, Louie used the Lord’s name in vein in an effort to describe a rafting experience on the Zambezi River. As the rule in my house is to take no further part in anything if the Lord’s name is blasphemed, this was also the end of this DVD.

    Can anyone explain this use of blasphemous language?

  6. […] August 27, 2008 · No Comments Change. I think that is one of the greatest things about God. When someone encounters God it changes them. I do not know of anyone who has not been changed when He has drawn them to Him. I love hearing stories over and over about how someone has become a new person now that Christ is in them. I just got through listening to a sermon by Louie Giglio. It was amazing. He talked about when this life gets hard the cross is our anchor. He shared a story about a girl who heard one of his messages and became a new creation in Christ. It even opened the eyes of her atheist father. You need to listen to it here. […]

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